Our Story

Nankin Community Church has a unique historical story.

We started as Nankin Federated Church. The congregation was a mix of Methodist and Presbyterian members. Our building was created from the two denominations, who merged following a storm that damaged both building of the separate congregations. The buildings and congregations merged and as we say, the rest is history!

For many years, this was our story. However, as time passed, we had less members who were Presbyterian. We recently disaffiliated from the Presbyterian Church and became exclusively United Methodist. It was during this time, we changed our name to reflect this change. We then became Nankin Community Church.

In the most recent times, we have discerned that the Lord is calling us away from the United Methodist Church as well. We will no longer be affiliated with the United Methodist Church as of July 1, 2023. Our leadership is currently in the discernment process as to what our next steps will be for this congregation. We are praying for the Lord's guidance, as we want to stay firmly in His will for our congregation. Will you pray with us for this process? It would be greatly appreciated!

As always, God bless. And thank you for taking the time to read some of our backstory!